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Pet Movers Services in Singapore by M&P

Pet movers in Singapore offer professional services for owners who intend to relocate their animal companions abroad with them. They help pet parents n​​avigate the ins and outs of pet exportation. This includes the preparation of documents and permits, and providing advice on any regulatory requirements internationally.


Preparing for a big move can be a tedious and stressful process for any individual. Bringing a beloved furry friend along may add to the complexity of relocation preparations. Many pet movers thus aim to make the move as seamless as possible for both owner and pet.


Here are some prerequisites for moving pets to and from Singapore, and a handy checklist of things you may need to prepare before your departure.

Prerequisites for Moving Pets to Singapore

Some prerequisites for the relocation of pets to Singapore include:


  • General vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Serology test
  • Parasite treatment
  • Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Dog licence (if applicable)

Pet Relocation Preparation Checklist

You should also prepare these things before relocation in general:


  • Flight reservations onboard pet-friendly airlines
  • Airline-approved crates with enough room for your pets to rest comfortably
  • Pet’s medical records
  • Sufficient supplies for the journey (e.g. food, water, treats, blankets, food and water bowls, pee pads)


Ensure you make all the necessary preparations by engaging an experienced pet mover!

Prerequisites for Moving Pets from Singapore

Here are some prerequisites you may need to meet prior to your companion’s flight out of Singapore:


  • ISO microchip
  • General vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination (for some countries)
  • Blood test (for some countries)

Here is an overview of the process of pet relocation upon hiring professional pet movers like M&P International Freights.

Contact Us

First, contact us with details such as:


  • Where to fly your pet from and to
  • Preferred dates of departure and arrival
  • The type(s) of pets you wish to move
  • Your pets’ size measurements


From there, we will discuss your preferred arrangements and provide you with a quotation. If you require other relocation services for yourself and your belongings, feel free to let us know as well.

Preparation of Documents

We will provide advice on the necessary documents needed for pet relocation to your selected country. Some documents you may need to prepare include health certificates and proof of vaccination.


In the meantime, we will prepare other important paperwork like government endorsements and relocation permits.

Preparations for Flight and Departure

We will also advise you on certain preparations required prior to departure. For example, your pet may need to make some visits to their veterinarian for check-ups, vaccinations or blood tests.


M&P will also liaise with the airline to help ensure your pet gets all they need for a comfortable flight. For instance, ensuring they get sufficient food, water and attention during the flight.


On departure day, we will help to ensure your pet’s check-in and boarding process runs smoothly.


Pets may be moved in several ways via air freight;

Cabin (hand-carried baggage)

You and your pet travel together in a passenger cabin


For hand-carried pets, you may check in on them to ensure their comfort, while heeding to any restrictions by the airline. For instance, pets are typically not allowed out of their crates while onboard the plane.

Checked baggage

You and your pet travel together, but they are placed in the cargo hold.


our pet travels alone in a cargo hold


For pets in cargo holds, we will ensure that their basic requirements are met during the flight (e.g. food, water, clean crate). If there are any layovers, your pets may be brought out of cargo for feeding and walking.

Arrival and Quarantine

Upon arrival, you or our pet movers will get to greet your furry friends and escort them through customs clearance.


In certain countries, your pets may need to be quarantined before you are able to take them to your new home. This includes countries like Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. Our pet movers facilitate the quarantine checks and arrangements, ensuring your pets arrive at the facilities safely.


You will typically be allowed to visit your pets during quarantine.

Home Sweet Home

Once the quarantine period is over or if no quarantine is needed, we will ensure that your pets are transported safely to your home or final destination.

Familiar With International Pet Relocation Requirements

Pet movers are typically equipped to provide owners with advice on the relocation requirements different countries may have. For example, Ireland requires dogs to be treated for tapeworm before being allowed into the country.

Ensure All Documents and Permits Are in Order

It may be difficult for pet parents to navigate the different documents and permits required for pet relocation. Pet movers can help ensure all necessary paperwork is collated and accurately filled in.

Be Informed of Pet-friendly Airline Options

Pet owners may not be as well versed in the different airlines that allow pets onboard and their restrictions. Pet movers can thus advise owners about the best airlines and routes to opt for based on their needs.

Relocating to a new home overseas may be stressful for pets as they will be exposed to many unfamiliar surroundings and sensations. Here are some tips to make the transition easier for them:

Crate training

Get them accustomed to their crates by placing them in it regularly, leading up to the flight.

Burning off their energy and anxiety before boarding

Play with your pet to keep them active before boarding to get them ready for a peaceful sleep during the flight.

Making the new home feel familiar

Set up an area with their favourite toys and objects to help them adjust to your new home.

Researching about reputable veterinarians in the area before moving

Knowing where your nearby vets will be can be helpful in case you need to plan an unexpected visit after moving.

If you are relocating to another country with your pets, some preparations you may have to do include:


  • Booking a flight with a pet-friendly airline
  • Acquiring a suitable crate for transportation, based on airline requirements
  • Completing the necessary documents, health checks, vaccinations and quarantine arrangements based on your destination country’s requirements
  • Applying for a relocation permit


Alternatively, you may hire a pet mover like M&P International Freights to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements for relocation.

Yes, you can! However, this is typically subject to the different policies from different carriers. 


Moving a pet on his own tends to be more costly and requires more paperwork. Nonetheless, it is a common arrangement for owners who may need to arrive at their destination much earlier than their pets.

Pet relocation fees vary based on many factors such as:


  • Destination country
  • Size of pet and type of crate needed
  • Chosen airline


Get an estimate that factors in your requirements by contacting pet movers like M&P International Freights for a quotation.

Yes we do! We are able to arrange pet relocation to and from any country that permits pet import and export. Arrange for pet relocation services with us today!




Unlike other freight forwarders, we also provide a full range of customs brokerage services.


Established in 2006, we serve globally via our operation hubs in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.


M&P International Freights offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a seamless shipping experience. From customs clearance and cargo insurance to international courier services and door-to-door shipping, we handle every detail under one roof, simplifying your logistics management and streamlining your operations.


Being one of the largest international freight forwarding company, we are able to provide cost efficient pick-up from any cities around the world.

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